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Driving golf range

20 January 2007

Headline deliberately misordered to reflect the Corporate Golfer's state of thinking (too much sun can do that to you). He's also slowly realising that this blog is being written more for me than anybody else - the anticipated massive following is yet to materialise!! (hahaha).

The Corporate Golfer wondered onto the golf driving range at midday today...the sun was beating down, and all over the range were abandoned half-bags of balls. Here's a collection of his thoughts as he was sweating it out:

Eventually Corporate Golfer felt his face reddening from the wave after wave of heat swarming down from that fiery ball in the sky to which we owe our lives. In his younger and more foolish days he may have carried on...but the experience of age and previous sunburns convinced him to move on.

Thanks to the power of PHP & a mySQL database we have the stats of the driving golf range session below.

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