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Golf wrist & forearm exercises

While sitting in front of the idiot box today, the Corporate Golfer for a few lucid moments slipped out of his TV-induced daze. Some golfer was giving a few tips about building up your wrist and forearm strength. Apparently forearm and wrist strength is important for hitting the golf ball - which I guess is why we don't see many corpses playing golf. Now this kind golfer also mentioned that strengthening the forearms is particularly important for ladies (clearly they don't exercise their wrists as much as men do).

Advantages of wrist and forearm strength

It's a complete myth that ladies have better short games than men, as forearm and wrist strenth even counts in the short game. A lack of forearm and wrist strength translates into a lack of power. And if you're stuck in the rough without forearm and wrist strength, your chances of chopping the ball out successful is way less.

Less wrist strength but better developed chests

The simple but effective exercise

Take 2 golf balls and squeeze them in your fist, with the thumb stretched out of the fist (similar to the position the thumb would be relative to the hand when gripping a golf club). The hand can then be rotated ninety degrees and the exercise repeated. So, it done once when the thumb is pointing vertically, once when the thumb is horizontal to the left, once when the thumb is pointed downwards and once when the thumb is pointing horizontal to the right.

Shoot for eagle

Do two of the above and you get a par. Do three of the above and you get a hirdie. Do four of the above and you've hit an Eagle.

Saving time

The Corporate Golfer has a bit of an engineer built into him, and the engineer in him loathes wasting time. This is a great exercise to do while sitting at red traffic lights in the motor-vehicle. The driver next to you might think you're pulling some new types of hand singles at him and if you're late on the takeaway at the traffic lights some may think you're high....but besides that it should be pretty safe.