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This is my virgin entry onto this site....(25 November 2006)

First a bit about me...

Over the last few years I've evolved from being the "fresh air" prince of golf shots to the ranks of "golf hacker". People love playing with golf hackers because they're not so pathetic that you feel that time is moving slower than it does when you're waiting for your daughter to return from prom night, but they're still bad enough to make your game look good. Golf hackers typically start their round with at least 15 balls because they may end with 2 (the ones their mothers gave them). Like their balls, the hacker's scorecard consists of beautiful circular figures.

Of course occasionally I see that little white ball soaring into the big blue sky and whizzing its way onto the green...or the "Ha-llelujah lelujah leluja Hal-le-luujah" putt from 20 feet...and that's what keeps me coming back...well, that and the fact that playing golf often means hours away from the office! I'm not the most frequent vistor to the hallowed green grasses - I pretty much play only when I'm invited to the odd company golf day or to make clients look good (hence the pseudonym, "corporate golfer"), but I'd like to start making my clients look bad. I don't have a handicap and I'm not planning on joining a club - I don't play often enough to justify playing club fees. However, I will unleash the obsessive compulsive part of my personality to fastidiously keep track of my scores on this site.

Why P4S1 ?

The stroke 1 hole represents the ultimate challenge on the course, the hardest hole to par according to the wise men (and yes, they are usually men in the case of golf!) who rate the courses. For some reason, I've found that this bitch of a hole is usually a par 4, often needing 2 shots longer than I can hit and sometimes one of them being over water. If you par this hole you know that you're the shit (I dream about parring the stroke one hole). Just in case you're still not getting it "Par 4 Stroke 1" = P4S1. I think it makes for a great number plate as well as a kewl website name.