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Golf club taken to court to change par of hole

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It's only surprising that it's taken so long for this to happen. A fed up Mr Alexander Simonis has taken the Milnerton Golf Club to court in an effort to force them to change the par of the 6th hole, from a par 4 to a par 5. The "corporate golfer" not only fully supports Mr Simonis in his endeavours (the 6th hole is way too long and would play much easier as a par 5), but would also like to extend moral support to any attempts to change the par 3's to par 4's.

Simonis's brilliant ruse is to claim that the 384 ball windfall he has found in his garden (which fortuitously is adjacent to the 6th hole) is threatening his safety. Apparently some hackers' wayward shots have damaged a steel palisade, shattered windows and damaged tiling on the roof (corporate golfer's tip - you can easily lose the likes of a furious Mr Simonis by escaping to the beach below the Milnerton Golf Course).

Mr Simonis hired an expert who recommended that the par 4 be changed to a par 5. Unfortuanately the Milnerton Golf Club refused to listen to reason; and having been forced into a corner Simonis took them to court. Deputy Judge President Jeanette Traverso - clearly a low handicap player - ruled against this bit of common sense. The silver lining is that Jeanette has realised that a higher handicap judge might rule differently, and allowed Mr Simonis to appeal the decision.