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The "Corporate Golfer" is an aspiring 23 handicap golfing duffer, who glogs (golf blogs) about his love and hate affair with the game of golf.

3 Mar 2007

Tie me up and you can do whatever you want!

15 Feb 2007

Pull it d$$s !!!

11 Feb 2007

Address the ball? I cant even see the ball!

27 Jan 2007

Golf birdie video

26 Jan 2007

Ball behind tee markers, Sir

20 Jan 2007

Driving Golf Range

20 Jan 2007

Corporate Golf Gifts

20 Jan 2007

Paraguay take an early lead

19 Jan 2007

Rebecca Coakley - golfer profile

19 Jan 2007

Nikki Garrett Golfer profile

18 Jan 2007

Women's World Cup of Golf

16 Jan 2007

Golf wrist & forearm exercises

15 Jan 2007

Golf balance - proper weight distribution

11 Jan 2007

World's longest back to back par fours

9 Jan 2007

Bushman Sands International Airport

6 Jan 2007

River Club Mashie & the hallelujah chip

2 Jan 2007

One swallow doesn't make a summer

30 Dec 2006

Golf Gloves help...

29 Dec 2006

Hey Ho, Hey Ho, it's off to practise I go

25 Dec 2006

Corporate Golfer conguers White River Golf Course

15 Dec 2006

Handicap tailored tips

8 Dec 2006

Golfer is sued after not shouting "fore"

1 Dec 2006

Golf club taken to court to change par 4 to a par 5

26 Nov 2006

How to grip your shaft

25 Nov 2006

Virgin Entry

Why P4S1 ?

The stroke 1 hole represents the ultimate challenge on the course, the hardest hole to par according to the wise men (and yes, they are usually men in the case of golf) who rate the courses. For some reason, I've found that this bitch of a hole is usually a par 4, often needing 2 shots longer than I can hit and sometimes one of them being over water. If you par this hole you know that you're the shit (I dream about parring the stroke one hole). Just in case you're still not getting it "Par 4 Stroke 1" = P4S1. I think it makes for a great number plate as well as a kewl website name.